Prefabricated bathrooms

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Our prefabricated bathrooms are self-supporting, industrially preassembled bathroom boxes, with a base structure composed of walls, ceiling and floor, then completed with fittings, fixtures, plumbing installation and hook-ups.


The project is constructed according to the order, based on the customer’s specific requirements. There is a preliminary assessment meeting, to discuss cost analysis and any necessary changes. Then a sample bathroom is built to perform initial controls, and the project is commissioned with a contract or order.

The customer selects the surface materials (tiles, glass, marble, etc.) and interior bathroom accessories. After receiving the ordered components, the company starts production. The plumbing and electrical systems are installed, following by installation of tiles, bathroom fixtures and accessories, concluding with inspection and final cleaning. At this point the bathroom box is ready to be delivered to the customer and installed.

Civil Sector

Our production of prefabricated bathrooms does not apply only to the building of cruise ships, but also to the residential construction sector.

An increase in the demand for these types of products in the residential market is motivated by the fact that they represent a valid alternative to the classic offering in the sector, where the bathrooms are built onsite using traditional methods. Bathroom boxes respond to new demands in the construction sector and new construction standards, while satisfying the need for quality and guarantees.

Advantages and differences in respect to traditional bathrooms


Rapid working times

Construction in the facility allows standardization of processes and skills (plumbers, tile installers, electricians) necessary for the production of the bathroom, which is difficult in a traditional worksite. This translates into optimization of times in the worksite and renders execution more efficient.

Direct controls

The standardization of processes allows maximum control in all working stages, guaranteeing the final product and the highest quality.

Reduction of assembly, construction and installation times

The bathroom box is built, fitted and detailed directly in the facility, based on the indications in the order, with executive drawings listing all the details directly approved by the customer. The executive drawings render the working process more rapid.

Cost savings

A single contractual reference reduces the need for manual interventions during the project, and additional completion and finishing tasks in the worksite are not necessary once the bathroom box is installed.